Dagala Trek

Dagala Trek

Dagala Trek

This trek is called the ” Dagala Thousand Lakes Treks” (Dagala is the mountain goddess who overlooks the lakes) Dagala mountain range divides two prominent valleys of Thimphu and wangdi. It has many lakes of different sizes and in most lakes' one can find trout fish. Alpine flowers, rhododendrons, different species of pheasants, musk deer are found in abidance. The plateau is also a grazing ground for yaks in summer. the route of Dagala Trek is from Geynikha to Simtokha: allow 4-5days. A rest day is strongly recommended at one if the higher camps to explore the area. From Geynikha to Daga: allow 6days. Again a rest day is recommencement; add 1day for driving from Daga to Thimphu.


Trip Itinerary

Day 01:Arrive Paro Arrival at Paro

Day 02: Paro - Thimphu

Day 03:Thimphu-Genekha

Day 04:Genekha - Labatama

Day 05:Labatama

Day 06:Labatam - Jadula

Day 07:Jadula - Japhuna

Day 08:Japhuna - Talakha

Day 09:Talakha - Thimphu

Day 10:Thimphu- Paro



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