Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal


White water rafting in Nepal

Being the home of the eight highest peaks of world, Nepal is second richest country in the world for water resources. Most of the rivers of Nepal are originated from the high hills by melting of the snow from different mountains. The fast flowing river when collides with the big rocks of the river, then it will generate the high current in the water which is fantastic and breathe taking adventurous rafting. There are lot of rivers in Nepal . These rivers according to their location, strength and water supply serve various purposes and River rafting is one of them

. The rafting in these rivers will be interesting to do as the fast flowing of these rivers will provide the great circumstances for the rafting in Nepal. The rafting at these rivers can be differentiated with the time basis where we can find the short rafting to long rafting. The rafting at the diverse parts of Nepal will enable the visitors to know more about the remote regions and the lifestyle of the people living at the remote regions of Nepal.

There are 16 big Himalayan rivers where Commercial River rafting is allowed in Nepal and you get a variety of choice to make because of diverse nature of the rivers. If you hRave short time to experience river rafting go for a Short day rafting of 4-5 hours in the Trishuli or the Seti river and if you really love to explore the rivers for a longer time span you can go for longer trips in rivers like Tamor, Arun, Sunkoshi or Karnali where you can do multi day trips ranging from 2-10 days.

If you want to go river rafting in Nepal September to early December and March to early June is regarded as the best time for but if you are hungry for extreme adventure rafting in the monsoon season is ideal for you because of the rising water volume and fierce river during that time.

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