Mt. Kailash Tours

Mt. Kailash Tours

Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar Tour

Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar TourHoly Kailash and Manasarovar Lake, center of creation the Universe, are as old as the creation of the universe. Thousands of Sages, ordinary mortals, philosophers and even the Gods had submerged in the blissful trance at the very sight of this divine grandeur.

Mt. Kailash

It is the Meru, Sumeru, Sushumna, HemadriI (Golden Mountain), Ratna Sanu (Jewel Peak), Karnikachala (Lotus Mountain), Amaradri, Deva Parvatha (Summit of Gods), Gana Prvath, Ajatadri (Silver Mountain). It is Swayambhu, the self-created one. Everything emanates from there and finally returns there. It is the abode of Lord Shiva and his divine consort Parvati. It expounds the philosophy of Purusha and Prakrti-Shiva and Shakti. This is one of the most important pilgrimage centers for the Buddhists. They worship DEMCHOK (BUDDHA in forceful form) seated on the summit of Kailash.

It is believed that Adinath Vrishadeva - the first Tirtankara attained Nirwan here. A few claim that Guru Nanak meditated here. Across the river Chu, there on the Nyanri range stands an impressive temple. Inside this monastery there is a marble statue radiating peace and compassion. This statue is claimed to be that of Guru Nanak.

The entire area echoes with spiritual vibrations. Even the agnostics shall discover new balance amidst that fathomless serenity. One has to experience it. The common belief is that those who are ordained only could be there.


14 Days Drive In - Drive Out

Day 01: Drive Kathmandu to Nyalamu (3800m) - 165 Kms. 8 hrs. O/n Hotel.
Day 02: Drive Nyalamu to Paigutso (4850m.) - 221 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Camp.
Day 03: Drive Paigutso to Saga (4640m) - 115 Kms. 6-7 hrs. Camp.
Day 04: Drive Saga to Paryang (4540m) - 185 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Camp.
Day 05: Drive Paryang to Manasarover (4520m.) - 250 Kms. 7-8 hrs. O/nt at Camp.
Day 06: Full day Excursion to Lake Manasarover. Camp.
Day 07: Drive up to Darchen (starting point) of Kailash Parikarma. Start trek to Dira Puk (4909m) - 18 Kms. 6-7 hrs. Camp.
Day 08: Continue Parikarma over Dolmala Pass (5650m.) to Zuthul Puk 22 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Camp
Day 09: End Kailash Parikarma near Darchen (4700m) - 14 Kms. 3-4 hrs. O/nt. Guest house or Camp
Day 10: Drive from Darchen to Paryang (4540 m.) - 277 Kms. 7-8 hrs. Camp.
Day 11: Drive from Paryang to Saga (4840m.) - 185 Kms. 8 hr. Camp.
Day 12: Drive from Saga to Paigutso (4850m.) - 115 Kms. 6 -7 hrs. Camp.
Day 13: Drive from Paigutso to Nyalamu (3800 m) - 221 Kms. 7-8 hrs. O/nt
Day 14: Drive from Nyalamu to Kathmandu. 125 Kms. 5-6 hrs. O/nt. at Hotel Gangjong or similar.

(B) 21 Days through Nepalgunj With Trek

Day 01: Transfer to airport to connect flight to Nepalganj. Overnight at Hotel Batika.
Day 02: Fly Nepalganj to Simikot (Yari), Trek to Sip sip. O/N. Camp.
Day 03: Trek Dharapuri (Camp 2270 mt)
Day 04: Trek Kermi (Camp 2690 mt)
Day 05: Trek Yangar (Camp 2990 mt)
Day 06: Trek Torea (Camp 3380 mt)
Day 07: Trek Tharedhunga (Camp 4100 mt)
Day 08: Trek Sip Sip (Camp 4300 mt)
Day 09: Trek to Hilsa crossing Nara Lagna Pass (Camp 3900 mt)
Day 10: Trek to Sher and drive to Lake Manasarovar (Camp 4410 mt)
Day 11: Rest day for acclimatize at Manasarovar (Camp 4410 mt)
Day 12: Drive to Darchen and walk to Tarboche (Camp 4710 mt)
Day 13: Walk to Dirapuk (Camp 5000 mt)
Day 14: Walk to Dolma-La pass and Lham Chu Khur Valley (Camp 4800 mt
Day 15: Walk through Zhultukpuk to Barkha plains and drive to Manasarovar (Camp 4410 mt)
Day 16: Drive to Sher and walk to Hilsa.
Day 17: Trek to Nara Lagna Pass and to Torea. O/N. Camp.
Day 18: Trek to Muchu. O/N. Camp.
Day 19: Trek to Dharapani. O/N. Camp.
Day 20: Trek to Simikot. O/N. Camp.
Day 21: Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj.

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